Gone But Not Forgotten

Looking back, the class as a whole was hard to persevere to the end. I say that because it is very dreary. However, I think last week was a great way to wrap up the class. With our reading being more solution based rather than problem based we get more closure in a non-closure class.

The reading discussed who the solutions and regulations needed to come from. Like I said in class, it’s a very tricky situation and quite ironic that the solution is, itself, a wicked problem. If the regulations come from the government there would be pushback because no one likes to be forced into something they didn’t ask for. If these regulations came from the National level I feel like there would be more pushback but the effectiveness would be much higher. I also personally think the best solution would be a national basis set with some lower level standards and then give the states the right to further those regulations. This would allow the most freedom and most effectiveness because places like California will naturally be more inclined to make changes where Texas would take a lot more motivation.

I have really enjoyed getting to learn more on sustainability over the past few weeks. It was difficult to understand and see how the things we learned could apply to my life. However, walking away I could see myself using all of the tools we learned. I won’t forget that moving forward when things get stressful I need to take time and breath, and refocus. Lastly this could apply to my field when I go out into the world someday and help clients design their buildings, I could help them think twice about how sustainable their surroundings will be.

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