It all starts with me

Well first, let me start off by saying this class has truly pushed me to research and learn about myself and the problems all around. I have learned where I stand on some important conversations happening in our world right now, including global warming and asbestos. But, it also broadened my mind and I gain views on topics that I thought were completely irrelevant like how can fashion even be sustainable? I have found there are so many solutions to the bad habits of our culture. I have also learned that I really am a person who can easily see both sides of a topic. On most of our group discussions I found myself sitting in a chair pretty close the the middle. After talking on multiple arguments I found that a reoccurring idea is it all starts with you, one person. If nothing I can at least do my part and try my hardest to always keep myself aware and open to new things. It is never to late to join the cause!

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