One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

When watching the TED talk about closing the loop we realized how it really relates to the reading we had that night. Closing the loop to me is a way of being smart when it comes to sustainability. Our group talked about how to cooperate and diversify when it applies to sustainability. Our motto that our group got from this reading was “ones mans trash is another mans treasure.” The reason that we chose this was because when it comes to being more sustainable we should be working with one another instead of against each other. The more paths that we can creat for people by working together the less people may be willing to waste. If we figure out ways to return the product so that their materials can be reused. This leads into the lecture where we talked about what are the differences between recycling and reusing. I feel that closing the loop can apply to both of these. When we recycle we are taking a products and breaking it down to make it into something else. By doing this we are still closing the loop because the material is being reused instead of wasted. As far as reuse of a material, it may be keeping the product for the most part the same and just enhancing it so it can be used again. This also applies to closing the loop because instead of getting something new and causing the use of new materials, this way we are using the existing materials and eliminating waste. I can apply reusing to my own sustainable journey because one of my hobbies that I enjoy doing is taking old furniture and making them as good as new again. An example of this is my dresser that I have. I bought an old dresser that wasn’t in the best of shape and sanded it down to reprint it, put some new tracks and hardware on it, and it became good as new again. Not only was I apply to eliminate the need to buy a knew dresser and cause mot material to be used and also gained it having character by is being older. This got me thinking about my carbon footprint and how good I am doing in my sustainable journey and although I enjoy repurposing furniture that doesn’t seem to help with the fact that I’m not doing very good in all the other parts of sustainability. After taking the quiz I realized that my household doesn’t do the best job of Turing off and unplugging like we should be to conserve energy. I drive a larger car that runs out of gas fast, and we don’t really make that big of an effort to recycle in my house. It told me that my estimated greenhouse gas emissions are about 34 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year, which is above the U.S. National average. Although it wasn’t great hearing this and realizing that it is very true that carbon footprint is larger than it should be, it also showed me areas that I can improve on. Getting to o through this class so far is teaching me and making me aware to the ways that I can improve my sustainable journey.

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