That’s All Folks

As this short class comes to an end, I feel like I am a more well-rounded person. Going into this class and being presented with a plethora of environmental issues was a little overwhelming. The number one feeling I had was that I was incapable of making a difference. But throughout the class, I gained more insight on individual problems that contributed to the larger one. Education is more important than anything and supplies a base for any decision made. I would definitely say that I am better educated on sustainability and actions that I can take towards building my life in a sustainable direction. I was already conscious about throwing away things and have been recycling bottles and paper since high school and there are still things that I can be doing. Now I am eager to continue my education of maintaining that environmental awareness and incorporating it into my career. The problems still seem to be larger than myself but I feel now that I have a better grasp on how to make improvements.

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