The “Last” Hour

These last four weeks have definitely been a rollercoaster. Being completely clueless about the environmental issues in the world and not knowing what a wicked problem would be, was very different from a class I’d pick myself. We read articles and took notes, which we had to talk about in a class, and it was completely out of my comfort zone because I’m more of a quiet, keep to myself person. Honestly, I didn’t even know what the word “sustainability” really meant. This class really opened my eyes to all the problems in the environment. “The 11th Hour” is a great movie to watch. It informs people on the environment. I’ll never forget about the meditation practices we had. I had no idea how to even meditate. By doing mindful practices in this class, it helped me so much to just relax and be in the moment and not stress. We don’t even think about the issues, we just ignore everything that’s happening in this exact moment. I’m going to start meditating maybe once a week just to clear everything out of my mind. Also, know when to recycle. I wish good luck to the next session!!

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