Wicked Ending

Coming into the last week of this course was bittersweet. I was surprised by how much knowledge I could take out of just four weeks. Tuesday’s discussion was my favorite out of each reading that we have been given. The question of “Does the Market Work Better Than Government at Transitioning Sustainability?” intrigued me. There was a good point made about who should have the power to set the prices. I believe that there should be a federal law that is vague allowing each individual state to allow what they believe is correct. I don’t believe that the market should be allowed to set prices even though they are the ones creating product.


Overall, this class has been a delightful experience. Having the opportunity to reflect each week about topics that I have never taken the time to learn about before, was definitely intriguing process. Before coming in to this class, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to take away. After taking this course, I feel more at ease and know how to be more mindful. It was also nice to learn the different ways people interact with each other when discussing wicked problems.

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