Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up

Wait… what? It’s already over?! Wicked Problem Solving Practice- four week class has benefited me to an extent. Not only was I able to learn about all the issues in this world, but I was able to learn about the wicked problems in the fashion merchandising industry. This world has a multitude of issues going on, but I learned how to present a sustainable temporary solution. Never will an issue be completely solved, thats why it is a wicked problem.

The fashion industry- a crazy industry. The manufacturers will mass produce products to sell to consumers. Then, consumers will be automatically drawn to the inexpensive trendy merchandise. Little did we know, how harmful mass production is. Due to the urgency manufacturers have to have with the ever so evolving industry, it is challenging to pick resources without thinking its availability. When we use up resources it hurts the economy and environment. The consumers will buy the merchandise and then eventually they end up in landfills, being donated, or in insulation and carpeting. For the most part, clothing and textiles from mass produced orders will end up in landfills. It is mind-blowing to see how we can use up all these resources, just to have it end back up hurting the environment.

This is just a taste of what I learned, but it is horrifying how careless we have become. Yes, this class is already over. However, the opportunity to create a sustainable environment is not. 

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