Design for the Future

Outdoor Activity


The outdoor activity was a unique experience. I am usually not an outdoor person but the activity sort of forced me to leave out of my comfort zone and experience new adventures. At first I was apprehensive about the activities. But as we began to ask questions as well as Googled some of the words it started to tie in together. Two of the activities that stood out to me the most will have to be activity one and also activity two. For activity one, for one side we had to list functions of a jacket and a building and also functions for a tree. Prior to this assignment I never thought about what the three had in common.Once we started to list some of the functions that they performed it started to make me realize that they somewhat perform the same. For human beings a building and jacket is often used for protection,shelter,comfort, etc.

As we began to form a list of functions for a tree they were parallel to functions of a building/jacket.We use a building/jacket for protection,shelter,etc. Animals tend to use trees for the same relief as well. For activity two we had to reflect on products that we use in our field and come up with solutions that nature provides as alternatives. I learned for this activity that nature can be used a lot in the fashion industry. We noticed that the silk from the fibers in the web are natural fibers and is implemented into the fashion industry as well as branches can be used for displays in windows for a natural organic effect.


Design Slam I


My learning community had to create a solution for items that are usually in window displays. One company had already created a solution for the countless amount of mannequins. We collaborated and came to the conclusion that props is the next thing that can have an influence on window displays. The name for our solution was “Make it Prop”. Companies could donate their tarnish or broken props that they may have to us and we will recreate the distorted pieces for replenishing props for clothing stores that have an elaborate window display such as Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, etc. As a learning community we worked really well together in order to create the solution that we came up with.

One of the learning communities that I had enjoyed was the group that talked about getting people that work in offices to be more active. They elaborated by saying that after an hour or so the lights will go off in a room if it doesn’t pick up motivation specially from not walking or getting blood flowing through their legs. I thought that was a good way to get people moving around who work in offices.The other learning community that produced a great idea in my opinion was the community that wanted to start a hashtag to get people involved in recycling their clothing. The millennial generation are constantly on social media and they love to do things that are trending. A  viral video will create a huge following.I thought that was a very cool way to get more of the millennial generation involved in donating and recycling clothing.

Do you think that as time progress people will want to donate more or create their old items for new purposes such as down cycling or up scaling? Do you think that  fast fashion will simmer down or expand to an even worse problem?

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