Nature inspired blogging…

Outdoor Activity: 

The outdoor activity was really interesting and wasn’t sure what to expect when I was headed to the Botanical Gardens. My group ended up separating from everyone else and was sitting by the stream, which was really inviting and easier for us to focus, and I feel like it gave us a slight different perspective or outcome for our activity solutions. The activity that really caught my interest was when we had to relate items from nature to a building solution. The solutions would be directly inspired from nature and would lead to more sustainable design concepts. The area where we were sitting was really inspiring for this activity because it was like we were enclosed in trees and could really grasp the design problem and delivering a solution. The last activity was also an activity that stuck out to me. It was honestly probably the most struggling activity for our group because we didn’t quite understand the theory of Industrial Ecology. After pulling up some quick notes we were able to solve the problem that was being asked, however it did not come to us as quickly as some of the other activities. The solution we came up with in this activity was to relate our findings from a tree and how we can directly relate it to a building design that encompasses the strength and stability from what we grasped by the tree.

Design Slam:

For the design slam my group’s problem was focused around stairs. Our problem asked us to find a way to eliminate waste that construction for stairs create, and our solution needed to be in a way that is inspired to us by nature. With the set time limit being so small the brainstorming had to be quickly developed. Our solution was to use aluminum because of its strength and flexibility. Also we found that aluminum is the most environmental friendly metal and recycling process. The stairs we found to be an innovative idea was to be made of processed aluminum cans. There is constant access to this material and it would be a stair case created out of 100% recycled material by reusing the cans itself to a new potential.  It was our conceptual idea that we could take a literal waste and make it into a new product.

One of the other groups that stuck out to me was designing these new doorways out of bamboo. Their ideas were really creative and sustainable. I was thinking about the problems that may come with it from keeping the bamboo clean and how to make sure that it didn’t attract pests or insects. The other group that stuck out to me was called rags to riches. This group was basically recycling and reusing materials from apparel products. One of the group members even discussed her personal endeavors of recreating a new product out of old clothing pieces she had from home.

Personal Take:

This weeks lecture being taken outdoors was really something that I enjoyed because it became a more hands on way of learning. We were able to actually be surrounded by the solution to our problems and were able to more effectively relate our solutions to nature. The design slam I found to be really interesting because it was so quick paced but yet it made me feel like we were able to quickly solve a problem by using problem solving skills we were taught in previous classes. I felt as if it was a way for us to think outside of the box quickly and effectively with out focusing on things that would cause us to create more problems instead of solutions.

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