Lots of Food For Thought

 Before I walked into Human Sciences 215 on Tuesday, life was much more simple. Never in my life have I felt more informed about the current state of the world or more depressed and hopeless. This world is being ruined at an exponential rate by an economy that cares nothing for its home planet and resources are being extracted to fuel human and corporate greed. Sustainability can’t be reached in time because the population grows on a base of food and clothing overproduction that can only last as long as fossil fuels. We depend almost exclusively on fossil fuels and are too busy figuring out how to plug our headphones into the iPhone 7 instead of what we’re going to do when our supply runs dry in x amount of years. Global temperature continues to increase and if we won’t be extinct by nuclear war over resources by the time the ice caps melt or the next ice age happens then we’ll just be wiped out by some terrible cataclysm. 99% of all species that have ever existed are extinct, and unless humans begin to think as a collective force striving to survive an expand in the universe instead of being self absorbed brainwashed consumers, we will be no exception.

The first week in this class has been a good experience. I learned a lot this week despite being in class only two days. I really enjoy the classroom environment, the chairs are comfortable and we have some interesting conversations. Dr. Armstrong is honestly an excellent instructor and I can’t wait to start meditation!

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