A Wicked World

This week’s topic was about sustainability problems and collapse. The definition of sustainability is the quality of not being harmful to the environment, or not depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. The meaning of sustainability problems is that we have problems that we are causing; yet there is no clear solution, or no solution that will not cause another problem to something or someone else. An example would be that we are overpopulating the world and running out of land and resources for everyone, but there is no solution on how to solve the problem. Seeing and hearing all of the harmful things we have done really opened my eyes because I had never realized how much we are destroying our own world and also nature. We constantly try to blame others and other things, but we never think to blame ourselves. I also learned that everything and everyone is affected in a different way around the world, which I never realized because I’ve always had easy living such as clean water where others it is a huge struggle just to find fresh water. After watching the video, talking about the subjects in class, and doing the readings I will now be especially thankful for what I have, recycle water bottles and do other things that can help improve our environment and try to help put an end to the things that are becoming major crisis in our world today.

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