Exploring (OUT)side the Classroom

This week was fun, I really enjoyed the change of scenery and exploring the beauty of the botanical gardens in Stillwater. My group has such a unique dynamic, we are all so different, but at the same time we all have the common denominator of apparel design. We see things differently so I find it interesting to hear their approach when it comes to brainstorming and certain topics. Two topics I recall are when we searched for something powerful and something dead. I learned to dig into nature and really explore all of the elements it takes to maintain something as beautiful as a garden.

-we chose a dead leaf as out item that was dead, but it was a dark brown or an ugly color. It was rich in yellow and green, kind of odd for something that isn’t living.

-for our item that was powerful we chose a pinecone. Pinecones have a tough exterior and contain layers and layers of outer shelling for protection.

~Design Slam~

-Our problem is that fast fashion has taken over and it has created so much waste and unnecessary use of energy. Stores are overflowing with clothes and can’t get rid of them fast enough to get the new ones in without crowding the isles. Our solution is to shop more at secondhand stores and to wear your grandmas clothes. I have several items from my grandmother and grandfather that have quite a bit of value. My grandmother has given me a mink coat and my grandfather has given me a suede hat. Both of which I still wear today and they have been around much longer than a mass produced item that I can only wear once and then it rips or falls apart. So all in all, invest in some vintage wear.

-Two other ideas are the aluminum can stairs and the censored lighting idea. I think the idea to make stairs out of aluminum cans is stellar, it is light, we have an abundant supply, and it is do-able. We have the technology and resources to create this so we should. The lighting idea is cool because it encourages physical activity and saves energy. I live with 4 other girls and they are all notorious for leaving their fans and lights on when they aren’t home. This also will get people moving; if you are studying you should stand up every hour. I love doing activities in class and hearing the other group presentations. It gives me a chance to open my mind to a new way of thinking.

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