The Last Tree Standing

The thoughts press against my mind. The overwhelming idea of destruction. To think that within years the entire world could erupt into chaos. The most disturbing part is that I could change it all.
In class we discussed the issues of wicked problems like the lack of resources including, water, soil, and fossil fuels. Running out of any one of those could create a catastrophe. As we discussed the use of each one of our resources I began to ponder how to fix the issues at hand. What I found was that the deeper I dug the more problems I found. That left me feeling hopeless and depressed. It left me thinking how could I make a difference when the whole world is literally working against me.
After going home and thinking about this further I began to realize, that the world is full of followers and not leaders. What if I was the leader? If I stepped up and showed others how to recycle, and reduce waste, if I placed restrictions on my own company, my own family, others would too. People would follow my lead and do as I did. So I can make a difference. Together, myself and my followers can make a difference. Maybe in the end we will still run out of resources, but with our hard work, we can prolong the inevitable. We can prolong the destruction of our planet and everything on it. It is sad to say that we are much like the people on Easter Island, most will not realize what is happening until they cut down that last tree.

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