Outdoor Activity

I was so excited to visit the botanical gardens because I have never been there before. It probably would be more enjoyable to go when I am not suffering from seasonal allergies but aside from that it was a great experience. It was interesting to get to have more of a hands on experience and really allow my mind to be creative. I enjoyed Activity 4, looking for specific things in nature. It allowed me to view things and analyze them differently than I normally do. I also enjoyed Activity 2,  looking in nature to find new ways we can use nature to design garments. While I am sure several of the things we listed are already being used to some capacity, it’s neat to think that other people are aware of the possibilities nature can have on sustainability in the creative/design world.

Design Slam

I honestly had no idea what to expect when coming to class on Thursday. I get so intimidated and anxious when I know I have to come up with some creative idea on the spot. Especially when it’s regarding things I am not specifically interested in or will never actually need to do in the future. However, I did enjoy this design slam. Since coming to college and choosing to study fashion merchandising I have become intrigued by sustainability after realizing how my mom’s consignment clothing store is contributing to sustainability. I have been interested in coming up with ideas to further help her store to be even more sustainable. Our problem was how our world is promoting sustainability by buying less and conserving more but as merchandiser we are encouraging consumers to make purchases. We had to design something or a service to balance out this issue. We decided to come up with a service called Re-Dz where the service would be within a retail store and allows customers to bring in their used/unwanted clothing from that retailer in exchange for discounts in the store. The used/unwanted clothing could then be disassembled and repurposed to be made into new garments to be sold in the store. One of the questions asked by Dr. Armstrong was how does our service differ from H & M’s service. I wasn’t familiar with what H & M is doing and that honestly just shows how something like this could be beneficial if advertised and marketed correctly. If consumers don’t know about something, how are they going to utilize the service? As a group, we really worked well together to brainstorm the idea for Re-Dz. I was proud of our efficient work ethic and ability to come up with something creative so quickly. I really enjoyed getting to hear about other students projects. My two favorite ideas were “Blink” and “Let’s get Corky!” I feel like both of these design ideas are things that our society could benefit from. “Blink” provides motion sensor lighting that will turn off if it doesn’t detect movement after a certain amount of time. With obesity being such a problem in American, this could be something to help promote movement in homes but also in the workplace. “Let’s get corky!” was about new sustainable textiles for interior design. The examples given were for desks and flooring. I found this idea fascinating due to the amount of desks that are needed throughout the world and how effective this new design concept could be not only for those using the desks and flooring but the environment as well.


Pictures from the Outdoor Activity:

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