Blog 4

This past week, the class met at the Botanic Gardens to do an activity. I really enjoyed the activity where we used biomimicry to draw similarities between a tree and a jacket. I personally struggle the most with biomimicry when I am starting the design process. Having this simplistic example helped me to get back to basics to see the relations between both objects. Another activity I enjoyed was the scavenger hunt because of the emphasis on fun and exploration. It was nice to get away from the serious school atmosphere and become immersed in nature.

On Thursday we participated in the design slam. My learning community’s problem was to take an article of clothing and tell a narrative of it and the lifecycle. We had two individuals talk about two different pieces of clothing that related to fast fashion and recycled fashion. We discussed the pros and cons about each piece and gave narratives about each. I really enjoyed the interior designers presentations because of the genius and simplicity of each idea. Almost all of them would have made significant changes and would have been easily implemented. I specifically liked the idea of taking soda cans and using them to make aesthetically pleasing staircases and the idea of installing motion sensor lighting in office buildings to encourage a more active lifestyle.

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