Blog 4

Outdoor Activity

I enjoyed the outdoor activity because I found out that at there are beautiful plants and birds at the back of the garden. My favorite part of the activity was seeing a roadrunner for the first time in person. I feel like there is a lot of land wasted in the front part of the garden and it almost looks unkept.

Our team focused on creating retail environment using inspiration from nature. We compared sunlight to store lights. Colors may look different depending on the type of lighting. Therefore, our team concluded that it is important to have to have light in retail environment that displays the colors of merchandise correctly. Also, some merchandise may need less light that other.

For the last activity we came up with retail space located on top of another establishment using as much natural light as possible. This layout would save space and would reduce the use of electricity. Certain plants at the garden inspired the store design. Those plants are able to grow on top of other things because they can draw necessary nutrition from very limited resources.

Design Slam I

Our team’s assignment was to influence a change in behavior through using social media. The team agreed on creating a viral video inspired by the “bucket challenge”. The concept of the video is to show one unique way to repurpose an old garment. After posting this video online, one would need to “tag” friends and challenge them to come up with an even more creative solution. The reasoning behind our answer to the assignment was that people are sometimes more motivated to improve their behavior when others can witness it. Also, creation of this video requires one act of modified behavior, and that is a start. It would also be an attempt to turn upcycling and downcycling into a trend which would create widespread modified behavior.

One team spoke about upcycling and waste reduction. They emphasized that some garments can be purchased used because of fashion cycles and styles coming back in fashion.

Another team created a sliding bamboo door concept that sounded very attractive. I was not familiar with the properties of bamboo the have listed (like cleaning the air). Also, I thought that the name of their concept was fun.

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