Blog 4

This past week was a really interesting week filled with different activities. I personally learn better when we are doing hands on activities so I really enjoyed the ones from this week. The outdoor activity was my favorite activity that we’ve done so far in this class. There is no better way to learn about being sustainable than being outdoors! I really liked being able to walk around with my group and talk about solutions to problems in our field that nature could help solve. It was a very enriching experience! Activity one was interesting to me with comparing a jacket and its functions to a tree and its functions. I would have never known they could relate until doing that project. There were so many functions you could come up with like keeping you dry, protecting you, and so on. Now it’s made me aware of how many things in apparel could relate to nature which is a really awesome thought if you asked me. Activity two was another one that stood out to me. It was fun to walk around the gardens and come up with sustainable solutions for products in our field. One we came up with was making biodegradable clothing that could recycle itself once you were done with it. We were inspired by how so many things in nature are biodegradable. I think more companies should start making apparel items that are easily recyclable. It would help so much with reducing the waste intake we have. How could we enforce that and get more people on board? Another solution we came up with was using the berries as natural dyes for clothing instead of using dyes that could be harmful to the environment. Sadly, I was not in class for the design slam. But after reading over the guidelines for the project it seemed like a really fun activity so I’m sad I missed it! Overall I really enjoyed the outdoor activity on Tuesday and I hope we have another one like that again!

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