Blog 4

This week I enjoyed taking a step out of the classroom to visit the OSU botanical garden. I had never even heard of it before so I enjoyed getting to explore it while coming up with ideas on how to become more sustainable in interior design. I liked that the assignment was more of a hands on experience. Our group separated from everyone else and worked over near the creek, which possibly gave us a different outcome than other groups for the results of the activities. We still came up with interesting ideas to incorporate nature into design aspects. I think our group liked finding things that were dead, alive and eroded in soil, etc, the most and finding ways that they could be used in interior design.

I wasn’t there the day my group did the design slam activity but I had someone fill me in on their problem. The problem seemed to be kind of difficult. My learning group was asked to find a way to eliminate waste that constructions for stairs create. I was told they used aluminum as their solution and found that stairs made of processed aluminum cans would be the best solution.

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