Blog 4

The outdoor activity was interesting. I had never been to the botanical gardens before, so it was a new scenery. I am not a huge fan of the outdoors, so I probably didn’t enjoy as much as some students. The first activity we did was about comparing a tree and a jacket. They protect us from the sun and weather. Another activity we did was finding something dead, alive, etc. I enjoyed this because it gave us a chance to really look around. I was able to see each individual plant, instead of a garden.

Our design Slam 1 was to create a store front for older people who are tired of boxy and boring. We knew right then it needed to be aesthetic. They also mentioned how they like to shop locally. This was important to what merchandise we used. All local and fair trade is what we chose to provide. Two other groups that stood out to me were Bampoo and the Aluminum can staircase. The bamboo for bathroom door was very creative. As a non creative person, I was very intrigued by how they came up with this idea and how relative it was to sustainable living. The aluminum can staircase was also neat. It made so much since, so I was shocked to know this had never been done.

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