blog 4

During my activity at the botanical gardens I was able to reflect on the different things that we can learn from nature. In activity 2 we reflected on products used in our field. Observing my surroundings I thought about how much electricity is used in retail displays and how much natural light there is outside. I decided that I would like to have a retail window tilt the windows in a strategic way to allow more natural light in on the display, and use less energy on synthetic lighting. In activity 5 we looked at a tree and thought about its ecological processes. It makes a full circle with no waste or harm to the environment. I was thinking how the same thing could be done with apparel. If we used completely organic products and then once they were done we broke down the materials and made new shirts it would be like the process of a tree growing and decomposing into soil that creates a new tree.

I was extremely ill during the design slam but if I was in class for it then my design slam would be focusing on the issue of how much clothing is wasted with constantly changing styles. My plan to stop this would involve retailers coming together to offer coupons for people who bring their clothes back to designated drop off facilities to be upcycled into new apparel products. This will motivate the consumer and give them an incentive to return their old things, so they will be more likely to go out of their way and do it; it will be called recycle rewards

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