Blog 4


This past week I really enjoyed the activities we participated in. When getting involved in the conversations and doing hands on work really makes the topic feel real to me; it makes learning more exciting. This past week we went to the botanic garden and walked around and I was able to put things we have talked about in class into real life that was very interesting. The other activity, Design Slam, was very interactive and really enjoyable to hear everyone’s ideas.

At the Botanic garden we walked around finding things in nature and thinking about topics we have learned in class and relating it to nature and natural things. It was a nice change to be out of the classroom and to be outside in the sun and learn that way rather than just write things down in a spiral. One of the activities we had to do was close our eyes and our learning community members would guide us to either a flower, a plant, or a tree and we would have to figure out what it was and where it was located in the garden. It was not difficult to figure out what everything was but it was quite the challenge figuring out where things were. We are very dependable on our sight that we do not just go with our feelings or use any of our other senses because sight is so dominant. I believe that if we try to use our other senses to make decisions in our lives and that way if we feel how different our world would be with less pollution and what not we could feel much better and live healthier lives. Another activity we worked on was finding things in nature that basically have changed based off of natural occurrences. For example we had to find a leaf that had been eaten by a bug, we needed to find something that was eroding, and we also needed to find something that made us happy and/or sad. It was interesting walking around the garden having something to look for because I was more aware of details and where and what I was stepping on. It was kind of neat looking for natural occurrences like a leaf that had holes in it from a bug eating because it reminds me that being more sustainable we can preserve more trees which is food for many insects. When we are wasteful and kill trees constantly we are taking away the nutrients for many insects and killing them off because we need more paper or even more land.

The other activity we did last week was called design slam and I thought it was a lot of fun. We had to work in our learning communities and read our assigned problem and make a power point of our solution and what we would do to solve the situation. In my learning community our problem was that we needed to find something that entices customers to go into a store and how we could make that more sustainable (excluding mannequins). We came up the idea “Make it Prop” and it is a place that department stores can send their old props and we would reuse the objects and either refurbish them or change them into something completely new. After repurposing the items they becoming up for sale so that other companies can buy from us and get new props for their store. It would be a one stop shop for all stores and to their absolute convenience. In the group the three of us worked very well together and we were all open to each other’s ideas and we all ended up being on the same page so it made working with them easy and fun. I believe we were a strong group and answered our problem in a creative and sustainable way.

While listening to the other groups introduce their problems and solutions there were two that I thought were great ideas. My favorite proposal was the bathroom door that is basically made out of bamboo that is in glass that is used as bathroom decoration but can slide over and become a door for the bathroom. I thought it was very creative and something I would not ever think about. I thought it was a very sustainable idea and I believe that it could really be something that would work in the world. Another solution I thought was very thought through was the team that came up with all of the ways we could make a classroom more sustainable. They thought through every object in a classroom and were able to find a solution for every piece of furniture, even the ground they came up with something.

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