Blog 4

Week 5

Outdoor Activity:

On Tuesday we went to the botanical garden and got to explore nature and spend time thinking about sustainability. We got to view nature while we thought about different applications that are sustainable and think about biomimicry. I enjoyed getting to see the garden’s, I’ve only been there once before and it was in the early spring before things were blooming. I especially loved the sensory area and it made me think about how I want an area similar maybe one day when I own my own home. It was a great experience.


Design Slam 1:

Our group’s problem was to create an idea for a store in Stillwater that focused more on sustainability and nature but catered to the elder crowd, so we created a concept for a store that has totally responsibly sourced products only. We wanted to feature a lot of locally produced product as well as responsibly sourced products from other countries that provide jobs for people in third world countries to do their craft and get paid a living wage. We also wanted the store design itself to feature recycled materials, such as the wood for floors and use recycled material for the merchandising.

– The group that came up with the idea for the bamboo in the bathroom stood out to me because I think the concept is really cool aesthetically. Nature inspired bathrooms are a really cool design idea that I see a lot of on Pinterest (such as tubs made with real rock and decorating with plants and such), it makes it look like such a relaxing environment and I liked that their idea incorporated that style but also a practical purpose besides just aesthetic.

– I also really liked the group that had the idea for stores to offer incentives for bringing in old clothes to recycle. I know that someone mentioned that H&M already does this, but I had never heard of it and I think many people are unaware of it, so I think their idea to promote that bigger or make it a bigger incentive is a good idea because it will get people to recycle their clothes and then that can even possibly be further used by the company to create new things, that way they would be able to keep prices down but be more sustainable potentially.

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