Blog 4: Activities

I have terrible allergies, so unfortunately I did not enjoy being outside as much as I could have if I had remembered to take medicine. Other than that, I thought the outdoor activity was clever and interesting. I liked thinking about design solutions while being in that environment rather than just sitting in a classroom. First thing we did was think of some functions of a jacket and a tree. It was more of a challenge than I thought it would be. It really forced us to think about every quality. Secondly, I enjoyed the part when we had to find certain things. It was like a scavenger hunt to find something alive, dead, happy etc. That part made us really look at our surroundings and take everything in.

During the design slam my group had to reflect on the life cycle of a certain garment. Where it was made, the quality, how its going to be exposed of etc. We chose to talk about a few different garments to give several examples. Our solution was to try and support thrift/second hand shopping instead of buying things new. Also, instead of just throwing away old clothes we recommend donating them to thrift stores as well.

I really enjoyed the groups that talked about using aluminum cans to build stairs and the use of a bamboo wall instead of actual doors. I always see a ton of cans just being thrown away and not recycled. I think any idea to reuse them is good. The bamboo door was clever and it was something I would actually like to have. I think both groups had realistic and desirable solutions.

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