Bursting the Bubble of Ignorance

This week in Wicked Problems was an eye opener. We watched a clip from a movie that did not allow anyone to walk away unchanged, especially me. The thing is, problems are always there whether we choose to pay attention or not. However, too many people fall into the “or not” category. I didn’t used to see that as ignorance, but that view in and of itself I now see as an ignorant one. Once you sit down and have scientists and historians and many other distinguished and brilliant people tell you point blank that we are destroying the earth as we know it, the problem can no longer be ignored. There isn’t room to know about what is going on and still just sit on it. Unfortunately, many people do anyways, and that is one of the reasons we are where we are today.

That being said, I had some major takeaways from the movie and discussions in class that I will wrestle with for a long time, perhaps indefinitely. Firstly, I was made aware of how many mistakes humans constantly repeat through history. How have we not learned our lesson? We know that there are only so many resources around us, so when we will stop wasting them and start being more efficient with our uses of them instead? Secondly, I was made aware of just how serious global warming actually is. This is something I came into the class especially ignorant about. My parent’s raised me to believe that global warming was a complete hoax. As I grow into my own person, though, I am deciding to not be what I was raised as or what the people around me would like for me to be, but rather I want to be an educated individual who makes a powerful and calculated impact on the world; and this class has helped me realize that. So as I go on to learn and grow through facing the problems that I lay awake at night wrestling with, I am grateful that my bubble of ignorance has been burst, and hope that with my newfound knowledge of the environment and outlook on the world, I can burst other people’s bubbles as well.

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