Don’t Just Sit there, Do Something

We all know there are major problems occurring all around us. The thing is many people are ignorant. Many people don’t care. Many people feel like they couldn’t do anything. Too many people, even including myself, are wrapped up in their everyday lives. They are “too busy” to do anything for the environment. Nobody is asking you to go out and save the world, but just by doing something small can make an impact over time.
Just by realizing that there are not enough resources to support every single person on this Earth for forever, should make you realize that we need to do something, anything to sustain us. If we keep polluting, and cutting down trees, and damaging our Earth, there will be no Earth left for us to try and sustain. We must take some kind of action. I know that as I am writing this, it is easier said than done. We need to help the Earth because she is crying out for help. If we keep damaging the Earth, the climate will keep rising, there won’t be any forests left, there will be little to no biodiversity, there will be more health risks with the amount of pollution increasing. There won’t be any ice in the arctic regions.
We are all selfish humans; it is in our nature. Why, but why are we so greedy. We have evolved to be a dominant mammal. We need to have power, to be prestigious, to show all the other humans who is the best human of them all. There are many times in our lives where we are taught we have to be the best, to always come out on top. And if not, you shouldn’t be content with yourself. We all only focus on our own lives, not what surrounds our lives. We are materialistic, and our lives are based on what we own or what we can buy. It’s not a world with biodiversity and equality, it is a world with humans who think they can control it. We have to work around nature, not the other way around. I’ve always wondered why we do these things, just like why did the people of Easter Island do what they did. We are facing similar problems to what they did, except just on a larger scale. With more resources comes more potential problems.
I definitely wasn’t expecting to feel something after what I learned last week. I was angry yet I knew that I had already known about a lot of these problems going on. It’s disappointing to think sometimes you feel like you have let yourself down. For a problem that is much larger than you, but you are still a part of. I shouldn’t try to make excuses for me or anyone because it is all of our faults. We all need to become more accountable for our actions. We need to feed our Earth with positivity, not with toxic waste.

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