Looking to Nature

This past week for sustainability, was a fun week. We met at the Botanical Garden on Tuesday and we had a group activity. I have never been there before this day and I had a lot of fun there looking around and doing the group activity. Every time that I go outside, my creative side takes over. I am inspired by natural things and use them in my designs. During one of the activities, we had to look around us and use nature as inspiration for interior needs. This opened our minds to thinking outside the box and stretch what we normally think. For example, what could leaves be used for? They could be used for insulating buildings. Leaves are natural and as long as you have trees that shed the leaves, then you will have renewable insulation. Another activity that I thought was really interesting was the first one that compared a tree to a jacket. At first, my group was stumped. Then we just starting naming things that a jacket does and what a tree does and we started seeing similarities between them. For example, a jacket keeps you dry in the rain and if you stand under a tree, that tree will keep the rain off of you.

The design slam was really fun, however, it was stressful to think of detailed things and make a presentation in 20 minutes. My group had the problem of what is in the classroom. We thought of the carpet, which holds dust, dirt and other allergens that could possibly make people sick. Our solution was a cork flooring. It is durable, a renewable resource, antimicrobial, and it is acoustical. The chairs are made of plastic so we came up with an aluminum chair, with a cork desktop, and reused fabric for the cushions. We took what was non-recyclable and not sustainable to something that can be completely recycled and very sustainable.

The two group presentations that stuck out to me was BamPoo and Re-Dz. BamPoo stuck out because it was a different approach to a bathroom door. It could give someone serenity and the feel to be outdoors. It would also be a great piece of art and atheistic to the home. It is a great idea, however, bamboo grow very rapidly, how would the homeowners trim the bamboo? As for the Re-Dz, I love the fact that they would have people bring in their old clothes in exchange for a coupon to buy their new clothes that were repurposed from older clothes people brought in. I would shop at this store all the time if there was something like this around.

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