New Perspectives

The outdoor activity was hot, but I liked getting to go walk around and see nature. I love the botanical gardens, it really fosters a quiet atmosphere. I was a bit worried about snakes, just because there has been such a high amount of them lately. It was fin running around with my Learning Community though. The first activity was harder than it seemed at first glance. Thinking of ten tree functions was harder then I thought it would be. It really made you dig in and consider what those things around you really do. I liked comparing it to a jacket and how that got me in the mindset for biomimicry designing.
I also like the idea to use, of the list of items we found around the area, hat you loved and what you hated to make something totally new. Not everything I design with is something I love, and in the industry it won’t be, so it was a good reminder for me to push myself out of my comfort zone.

The Design Slam was fun, and designing quickly was a bit stressful, but I enjoyed the challenge. It was kind of chaos in my group at first, since we were all throwing out ideas at once. Our assignment was to go through the lifecycle of a garment and to imagine any stages of that garment’s life that we hadn’t known, then to create a dialog with that. After that we were to use that dialog to influence our audience to be more sustainable in their choices. We got talking about our old clothes and what was in our closet that we loved, or hated.

The two group ideas I loved were the Bampoo, because it was a nice green feature for the house, but still served a purpose. It really used the design of biomimicry to look at what nature does well then to use that. I also really liked the idea of recycling aluminum cans into stairs. The idea of rough natural-like textures is a sort of zeitgeist or a shared idea right now. We crave raw, real textures and light in our spaces. That’s one of the reasons I liked the idea of stairs from aluminum cans. To leave the cans as-is would provide a way to add a form of art to whatever space they’re added to, and adding art is never a bad idea. Overall, I thought it was a good challenge for us to explore.

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