Outdoor Activity and Design Slam

Week 5 was really engaging considering we spent so much time experiencing things hands on in terms of what we have been lecturing about. The outdoor activity was very interesting. My favorite and most eye opening activity was when we had to be blindfolded and depend on our senses to identify a tree or a shrub. It really made me realize how much I depend on sight as my main sense. Things such as touch and smell could play a major part of designing a space, and as a designer could be something that I need to consider. Another awesome activity was when we had to identify different things like something happy, interesting, etc. and then use something interesting as our inspiration to create something. This is such a simple process, but could potentially be sustainable and healthy in nature, compared to just seeing something man made, or using something man made as your driving design factor.

The design slam was very interesting but an enjoyable environment to create things. Our problem was how interior designers could practice sustainable processes, while also setting up their clients to be sustainable themselves. Our proposed solution was an educational program that promoted LED lighting, sustainable heating and cooling practices, and sourcing of local materials. Our program was called carbon bigfoot, because we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint but wanted to play off of the idea of bigfoot or sasquatch and how it is difficult track down. There were a lot of other good ideas from the other groups. I especially liked the group that proposed aluminum can stairs, because that seemed to be a very strong, yet innovative spin off of current aluminum stairs and railings. My favorite group was the one who reused previously used props from other stores to reduce waste when it comes to storefront windows. As merchandisers, so much of what they could potentially do has to do with storefronts so that could potentially change so much of what they do and eliminate a lot of waste.

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