Short and Sweet

This week we had the privilege of going to the Botanical Garden. I have never been here so it was a new experience. There we had to first brain storm what we believe a house and a jacket had in common. I really liked this activity, because I think it got my group rolling with ideas. The next activity I enjoyed was when we thought of how different plants need different lighting to survive. Compared to how new products get the most lighting when first put out on the floor, in hopes to grab consumer’s attention to survive.

Our Design Slam 1 activity was to create a changed behavior by using social media. This is very similar to the “bucket challenge” when one made a video to raise awareness of how it feels to have ALS when cold water was dumped on them. We would encourage our followers to video how they came up with ideas to turn their old clothing into new clothing or other uses. We believe that if people can see how little time or how fun it can be to make new clothes from old ones that they would be less tempted to go out and buy new clothing.

I really thought the group B!nk had an awesome idea. The idea of motion sensing lights to save energy would be so helpful to me, because I have a forgetful roommate that never remembers to turn off the lights. I also really like the idea of having a bamboo door for my bathroom that filters the air and is better than cutting down tress for wood.

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