Slamming Design Ideas

The outdoor activity was more interesting than I thought it would be. There weren’t very many spots to sit and gather our thoughts unless we walked all the way to the garden, but once we got there our ideas seem to flow easier because we had more to work with. It was very humid/muggy so that wasn’t much fun, but I feel like we did a pretty good job on our activities. It was nice to get out of the class and go on a mini-hike for the day.

I think the first two activities were the most solid brainstorming. You just had to think about their functions. Trying to think of at least 10 functions for a building and a tree each was a bit challenging for us, but we got what we needed. Activity two seemed easier when we needed to list what nature gave solutions too. To me, that seems like an easier task.

Our problem for the design slam was to find a sustainable solution to figure out a way to save energy in a building where people were not knowledgeable about how much energy they were wasting. Our solution to this was to install occupancy sensors in some areas where it would be appropriate. We talked about having them in break rooms or restrooms for more public buildings, and other areas for residential buildings.

I felt like for this design slam was a very pressured assignment. It gave me anxiety because we had to come up with this idea and solution and all these other factors in like 20 minutes. However, I did feel like my group came together very nicely and brainstormed some great ideas for our solution.

Some other groups’ ideas that stood out to me were “BamPoo” and the recycled can stairs that I can’t seem to remember the name of right now. I thought both of the ideas were not only sustainable, but very creative as well. The BamPoo idea to have wall art of bamboo transform into a door is a great idea in my opinion. I think incorporating nature into designs where windows aren’t that possible is wonderful and better for human nature. The other idea about recycled stairs is cool too. I think having them exposed is an interesting technique to add more “pizzazz” into a boring area such as stair wells.

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