Sustainability in Nature

The hardest part about being sustainable is coming up with ideas on your own. There are so many ways to do it, but coming up with ways on your own is difficult. I enjoyed the outdoor activity that we did because I like being outside. All of the activities that we did were teaching us the comparisons and the difference between nature and industry. I thought there was a lot to learn between talking about the comparisons between the jacket and the tree. There can be a lot said for thinking about the comparisons in nature. If you stop to think about what there is in nature that you can make to be more sustainable it can become easier because there are so many aspects of nature to look at. The other activity that we did was to test our senses, we were told to spin each group member around with their eyes closed. Then guide them to a plant, have them smell and touch it and see if when they open their eyes see if they can find which plant It was. The activity was testing to see how well you can use each of your senses. Each one of my group member found their way back to the plant they were guided to because we all had an idea of where we were in terms of our surroundings. If we had been guided to an area that we were unfamiliar with it would have been more difficult for us to figure it out. This just shows that your eyes and mind are good at working together to give you a picture of what your surroundings are even when your eyes are closed.

The design slam activity my group had to come up with a store that appealed to adults over the age of fifty and wanted the store to be more sustainable. My group decided that we wanted the entire store, not just the entrance to be more sustainable. Starting with the aesthetics of the store. The flooring would consist of refurbished wood, the lighting would all be LED, and all of the decorations would be recyclable. All of the merchandise that we would sell would be sustainable products. Many of our products would consist of free trade. We want our products to benefit women in men in other countries that do not have jobs and are not able to provide money for their families. One of the questions that we were asked was “How are your going to ensure free trade?” The answer is that in the most ideal situation we would go to these countries and visit the men and women who are helping provide merchandise for our store. We would want to ensure that the products that we are getting are actually be produced the way that we want and is sustainable.

Both of these activities taught me something different about ways to be sustainable. I enjoyed designing a store that was completely sustainable because in an ideal world that would be something that I would want to do. I would have a store that I know would be benefiting people in my town, but it would also allow me to travel and help other people in other countries provide for their families.

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