Blog 4

Blog 4

Outdoor Activity:

I enjoyed being out of the classroom but the outdoor activity was a little hard for me considering I was allergic to everything. My experience of being in a different atmosphere was good though. Out of the activities we did the two that really challenged me to think was activity 1 and activity 3. When trying to come up with words for activity 1 it was a lot harder then we all expected, so we had to really think out of the box. For activity 3 we were able to relate things back to our hometowns and really think about the problems we see there that we would like to prevent which I think put a lot into perspective for us all.


Design Slam I:

Our problem for design slam 1 was to come up with a campaign on social media to reflect on waste, our learning community was able to come up with an idea fairly fast. We all work really well together which was great when it came to this assignment. We ended up just doing an explanation like tutorial video of how to reuse, upcycling, or downcycle and really apply to concept of cradle2cradle, we would then post or video on social media with our hashtag #ragstoriches hoping it would go viral and others would make more videos. Two other groups that stood out to me was making the steps out of recycled aluminum cans, I thought this was a super cool concept that aluminum is so durable you could make steps out of it. I think in certain locations this concept could be super trendy and aesthetically pleasing. Another that stood out to me was the motion light sensors in the workplace, I know I work at a desk job and I really like the idea that every hour it would scan for movement so you would have to stay moving and active at somepoint to keeps your lights

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