What I can do… You can do too?



The reading was quite interesting and it also proposed new thoughts  to me regarding the impact of vegetation. The article focused on determining the effects of introducing foliage into the store environment. At first I was a bit clueless about what foliage was so I had to Google the term. The term “foliage” means plants,leaves,collectively. I was very pleased to find out that the way items are merchandised or the way the store is laid out can have a huge impact on the way people shop.

The article mentioned that there is a “ growing recognition that store interiors and exteriors can be designed to create specific feelings in shoppers that can have an important cuing or reinforcing effect on purchase”. As a  person who decided to pursue a career in the creative field it is nice to know that the way I contribute my thoughts and ideas into a design can determine a person’s emotional state while shopping.




The Ted talk about bamboos was very fascinating. The article presented a non traditional way that we can incorporate bamboos into a sustainable solid building. Elora Hardy mentioned that bamboo can stop earthquakes, is loyalty because it was all around them so it was trust worthy. I wanted to know more about bamboo and decided to do further research on the topic. Bamboo is a fascinating plant that, “it grown one third faster than any tree”(Bamaboo,2016). Bamboo, also has the capabilities of “four-five time more biomass than trees felled for wood”(Bamboo,2016).

The one thing I found disturbing regarding the bamboo house was that the bathrooms did not incorporate a ventilation system. One thing that really grasp my attention regarding the Ted talk was that “bamboo will treat your right if you use it right”. I thought that was an amazing way to summarize something. We may have something that is spectacular and innovation but if you don’t know how to use the resources you are given than you will not have success with it.

Every year roughly “120 billion pieces of of disposable plastic cutlery are discarded in India” (Digital Trends,2015).Which is a very astonishing amount. Plastic contains an infinite amount of chemicals that make up the properties of a spoon. I was pleased to find out that Indian noticed that disposable plastic was beginning to emerge into a huge problem. They decided to solve the problem by creating edible spoons instead of sweeping the problem under the rug. Instead of continuously eating from the plastic that can cause cancer they decided to produce a “decomposable, nutritious, delicious” substitution” in 2011.




Biophila is a term that links human beings with a variety of other living systems. The three biophila designs that caught my eye were the designs that focused on nature in space, which was visual connection with nature,thermal & airflow, last but not least the dynamic & diffuse light. Visual connection is a link between living systems and natural process.Thermal and airflow is a design that the air temperature to mimic nature’s ability to airflow through the skin. Dynamic & diffuse light cause light to change over time as a result to nature. Biophila designs can “philic design can reduce stress, improve cognitive function and creativity, improve our well-being and expedite healing; as the world population continues to urbanize, these qualities are ever more important”(14 Pattern,2013).I love that fact that biophila is contacted to nature and can solve the problems that we encounter as human beings.


Sustainability Office visit


I learn that Oklahoma State University has done a lot to incorporate sustainability into the campus. I learned that sustainability efforts have been incorporated into the University since 2007.Since I had a bit of trouble finding the location I missed almost half of the presentation. But, what stood out to me in the plan visit was that 20 something has a container that is made up entire of plastic bottles. I also learned a lot from the location that had all of the card board boxes. There I found out that more about recycling. I learned that alot of things  that are recyclable around the world might not be recyclable in Stillwater due to the limited resources and it being a smaller city than Tulsa, etc. I will try to make a better effort to recycle things that are recyclable and learn how to upscale items.

The image below is a illustration that shows the world revolving around recycling. I decided to incorporate the world, and the infamous recycling arrows. The drawing means to reduce,reuse, and most importantly to recycle.


What I took away from this week was that recycling is very important. Since nowadays we have more access to resources that it is important that we must find a way to contribute to the success of the world. I know that there is more than I can do. But what can you do?

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