This week we discussed the role that light plays in interior design, specifically biophilic design which is the love of life or living things. When we spend time indoors, we lose track of time, have no physical realization of the current weather conditions and our sleep-wake cycles are interrupted, making it critical to at least have views of the outdoors when we are required to be indoors for the majority of our days. It even affects our health, as studies have shown that health improved for patients with the use of biophilia present versus no biophilic elements, as well as the benefit of mental health and mood enhancement. In short, the use and effects of light on our bodies and minds is essential for well-being and should be implemented into all aspects of design. This could be achieved by biomorphic forms/patterns, which are patterns or arrangements that appear as they do in nature; prospect, which is an unobstructed view over a great distance; or refuge, which acts as a place to withdraw from our environment or current activity. We also watched TED talks on bamboo and edible spoons, both of which were amazing. The use of bamboo for architecture was eye-opening, I had no idea of its strength and versatility, let alone its sustainability. I just don’t understand why it isn’t more readily used here? I would never have imagined an edible spoon but the concept was very cool, and doesn’t make sense to use anything but this now. During our sustainability office visit, the one thing that stood out to me most was the realization that 80% of our college’s energy is provided by wind turbines in Blackwell, OK. I had no idea! When we visited the office, we were also given a tour of the furniture repair department which repairs and refinishes old furniture pieces used on campus. I’ve grown up hearing my grandparents say, “They just don’t make furniture like they used to,” and the supervisor again, said the same thing when he discussed the repairs of real wood versus particle board, which splits and is usually not salvageable. So, that is something I can implement in the future…buy good pieces of furniture that will last.


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