The article was very insightful about lighting. Light, not only helps people see better, but it can help people feel better. With good lighting a person can see shapes, edges, color and distances better. People can also feel warm and safe with lighting, specifically sunlight and fire. I think there should be greenery that is indoor for every store. Personally, I would buy more if stores had more nature inspired design because I would feel good.

I have always loved bamboo. I knew it was a rapidly renewable resource and I love how it looks. The houses that are built, are built strictly out of bamboo which I think is amazing. The fact that they build smaller models at a scale to make the real houses, is impressive and takes time. I never thought of using the actual bamboo pole to make a house. I wonder if a house like that could be built in Oklahoma.. I want to buy some of those edible spoons. I have never heard of those spoons. I think this is an incredible way to reduce plastic waste all over the world. They last for three years and they are healthy for you too, how much better can this get?

Biophilia is connecting human life to nature. There are fourteen patterns of biophilic design but the three that pointed out to me is the visual connection with nature, presence of water, and mystery. A visual connection with nature can make us feel closer to nature. In my opinion, I think the visual connection is a key pattern for connecting to nature. The next one is presence of water. Hearing and touching is another important pattern. When I touch things in nature, I feel like I am a part of it. The last one is the mystery that nature gives me. I walk out into the woods when I am camping and I love to go explore and create a deeper love for the environment. Biophilia is very therapeutic because nature calms people down. Most people love natural lighting because they are connected to nature. There is always a mystery and inspiration that can be found in nature that enhance designs and people’s lives.

I learned quite a bit from the sustainability office visit. The one thing that stuck with me is that 70%, on average, we get our energy from wind turbines, and that our campus is the known as the tree campus. I also think it is great that our Student Union is trying to be LEED certified. I loved that the plant restored furniture and they reused the foam from old furniture. They reuse the foam, and if the foam is flat, then they use steam to fluff it back out. I want to live my life in a sustainable way and I would eventually like to consult architecture and interior design firms to help them make their building more sustainable.

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