Blog 5

This week we read an article for merchandisers about the effect of greenery in retail stores.  It was interesting to hear about the speculations of greenery effecting the atmosphere for a consumer. As a merchandiser, I wouldn’t think that the natural environment can impact the inside of a retail store. I had never really thought about it before and even though there wasn’t enough research to really back it up, I enjoyed learning about it. The Ted talks we watched this week were quite fascinating. Even though I am not a design major, it is neat to hear how bamboo is playing such a big part in helping our world become more sustainable. I had no idea that bamboo is as strong as steel, wow! It was interesting to me that in the ted talk they said that bamboo grows very quickly and will “likely” never run out. I am concerned with that statement because I am sure many people thought resources that are scarce now would never run out 50 years ago. I didn’t really enjoy the edible spoons in india ted talk. I personally feel like I would be kind of grossed out to use a utensil to eat my meal then consume the utensils. However, this is a neat way to promote sustainable design.  The fact that utensils are flavored was also another cool additional incentive for the product but I can’t say that my feelings would be hurt if America never saw these edible utensils.  Biophilia is designing based on nature. Biophilia can effect our health and living our life to the fullest. It has been proven that rooms with no windows will not be occupied as long as rooms with windows and views of vegetation. Biophilia can effect our over all health as well. It has been proven to reduce heart rate and blood pressure.

My favorite part of this week was the sustainability office visit. I didn’t realize that we even had these facilities on campus so it was very interesting to see some of the very things we are studying be put to work. The definition of sustainability, given during IIDa T. Hershey’s presentation, was that meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This gave me a better outlook on the purpose of sustainability. I personally loved getting to hear about the ways sustainability practices are being implemented on campus such as, LEED certification, natural light, insulation, high efficiency equipment, recycled materials, Tree campus USA, integrated pest management, drip irrigation system, composting landscape waste, rainwater collection, and rain garden to collect storm water. It is exciting to see how our campus is working to be more sustainable and I am excited to hear about how the OSU campus continues to grow in this area. At the furniture store visit we got to hear about old pieces of furniture on campus are brought there to be refurbished and reused. HOW COOL!!!!! It is neat to think that I have probably sat in/used a piece of furniture that is very old yet doesn’t look it due to it being reupholstered. The recycling center was….interesting. First of all it was a little confusing to get to and I wasn’t necessarily expecting it to be inside of a large tent. I found it interesting hearing how much cardboard and paper is sold for and that three semi loads are taken from Stillwater every month! Overall, I realized how big of an industry sustainability really is and that it isn’t something I should take for granted or overlook. It is an industry that is striving to make this world better for future generations to come and that is something I want to get behind and support.

I am not a very good drawer! So I am including a picture from the recycling center. It is fascinating to me that this pile of trash can make a group of women grossed out…we neglect to remind ourselves that this is only a small fraction of waste produced in our town, state,and country.



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