Blog 5


The reading this past week was even more informative on what we have been talking about since the beginning of the school year. The ted talk about the bamboo was extremely interesting. I found it very innovative that they are using bamboo to build houses and structures that people will actually live in. Also I enjoyed that part about them using a bamboo that grows so quickly so they can replenish what they have already used. I also found the edible spoons to be extremely interesting. I would have never thought of using a edible spoon. But I enjoyed the fact it was sturdy enough for liquids and hot temperatures. My thoughts on biophilia are positive. I enjoy the fact that we can use nature and our environment around us in the design world. Three patterns of biophilic design are putting a plant wall in a building, putting actual trees in the office space, or having many open windows within a space to show the outside environment. Biophilic design really helps people feel at home and to have a natural sense of living. I learned that OSU is constantly trying to recycle and reuse all materials and sources throughout the campus. The trip to the plant was interesting as well because of how much OSU recycles. There is a large amount of cardboard and paper that they are constantly minimizing the amount of waste. Seeing the large amount of cardboard that we collect on campus has shown me that in my career, I feel that using a minimal amount of cardboard in the design field will help reduce waste.


My sketch shows that it is important to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Every little part of helping the world become more sustainably is extremely important to our existence of living.

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