Blog 5

Getting to learn about bamboo was very eye opening and inspiring. Before watching this video I knew about having bamboo as a resource but wasn’t fully aware of the potential opportunities that it could be used for. Getting to see that they built multiple houses out of this material and that the house were almost entirely built from the bamboo was inspiring. Not only was it great to see how it was used but then to see how fast the material can grow and that it is such a renewable resource made the thought of using it even more desirable. I feel as though so far going through school we learn a little bit about this resource but until now I didn’t realize how beneficial it could be to sustainable design. Going from a sustainable video about bamboo to another sustainable video about spoons was great to see the relation of the two and the differences. Before seeing the video about the spoon I had previously hard and maybe had seen a short video about the concept but hadn’t really looked any further into the design and what it is made of. This is such a brilliant design that is simple and can really make an impact. Although it may be a bigger tool in other countries, I do wish that more places in America would start to pick up this design and realize that we could really make a huge impact in the use of plastic and be much more sustainable. After learning about these resources it was good to start looking at nature and how it can inspire design. Biophilic design is so inspiring and I have loved getting to learn about how we can incorporate it into interior design. When looking at areas that Biophilic design can benefit some that stand out to me are places such as offices, hospitals, or institution type settings. The reason that these stand out to me are because they are places where the behavior and demeanor of an individual can effect an outcome or result. When we start to incorporate Biophilic design into a space such as a hospital it can start to effect the mood and mind set of the people who are staying there and the people who work there. Having nature there to help them feel better is such a simple design that can greatly effect the outcome of the situation. Also looking at incorporating Biophilic design into offices can help for the people that there all day every week and may be stuck in an area that may not have any natural light. Without the incorporation of nature in the design it may lead to a bland environment that might put people into a negative mood or a lessened desire to work. BY adding nature into the design of the room it will give them joy and creat a more pleasant atmosphere to work in.
While being in this class we have been able to learn about sustainability and different designs and programs that can help in the process of being more sustainable but after getting to visit the sustainability office for OSU we were able to better see hoe these programs and designs are being incorporated on campus. During the presentation I was able to learn that OSU is the greenest college in Oklahoma and ways that we are making sure that stays is by programs such as campus USA which helps with replacing trees on campus with native species, giving the trees on campus a value and by using drip irrigation. OSU also offers a mass transit system that incorporates compressed natural gas. During the presentation we also learned that 70% of the energy on campus comes from wind power and that OSU has its own wind farm in Blackwell. There are many other programs that help make OSU as sustainable as it is like energy management policies, OSU surplus for furniture and multiple recycling opportunities for student who are ether moving in or out of residential living. I can take what I learned from how OSU is incorporating sustainability and use these methods to inspire future deign for other institutions.
The sketch that I provided is a the state of Oklahoma with the OSU logo inside of it. The reason that I did this as my sketch is because I remember during the presentation at the sustainability office that after she said that OSU was the greenest college in Oklahoma it showed a map of the US and each state had the college logo of the school that was the greenest in that state. By sketch this I wanted to emphasize that we need to keep striving to make OSU green and that it should inspire the students to keep the tile of being the greenest and work on being more sustainable.


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