Blog 5

When designing in any space lighting is always a key importance. Natural lighting can help in many different ways to make the space not only feel more welcoming but also more inviting and open. The same is to say with nature. As interior designers we always want to incorporate as much greenery as possible in our space to help make the space more comfortably livable or bringing a fresher feel. The same is to say about retail spaces. We were paired with a merchandising group and they informed as that when adding greenery and natural light to a retail space it helps improve sales because it becomes a space people actually want to stay in longer.

You might not think it but bamboo is one of the stronger yet lightweight building materials there is today, and treated properly could last a lifetime. A few years ago I became aware of the bamboo structures from a video we watched in our materials and finished class. When the first bamboo structure called green schools were created for children that

Edible spoons in India were made with sustainability in mind. Everyday people use plastic spoons when they are eating on the go. Plastic takes so long to biodegrade back into the earth, so therefore out landfills are full of plastic products for many years causing a large build-up of waste. Edible spoons are designed to decrease or eliminate the plastic spoon waste. The spoon are made of all natural products such as wheat and rye with different flavors to choose from depending on what food you’re eating so it will taste good when you eat it with your meal at the end.

Biophilia is the instinctive bond between human behinds and other living systems. It is the urge to affiliate with other forms of life. Love of life or living systems. Biophilia is one of the greatest ways to incorporate nature into a space and as I said before make a space feel more welcoming and comfortable to live in.

The three designs for biophilia are Nature in the space has to do with visual connection with nature through systems of natural process. Natural analogies are biomorphic forms and patters symbolic references to textured numerical arrangement to persist in nature. Lastly, the nature of space, which can be achieved through prospect, refuse, mystery, and risk.

Some benefits of biophilic design are that the building or design connects and becomes one with nature. A perfect example of biophilic design is Frank Lloyd Wright’s fallingwater house in Pennsylvania. It creats a perfect flow from the house into the waterfall making them look like one in the same.

I learned that there are many sustainable features on campus that I defiantly did not know where there and have never used. The touch screens in the union on campus are a perfect example of one of those things I did not know even existed, and I work in the union.

What stood out to me the most about the plant visit was that they recycle every piece of cardboard from campus and sort them by hand and recycle them all locally for reuse. I also had no idea that that spot existed where they reupholster old furniture to be used on campus.

In my life and career I think that reupholstering furniture for new purposing when designing a house or building for a client. I honestly at this point do not know how to reupholster furniture but it is definatley something I would like to learn and be good at.

This week defiantly opened my eyes to the recycling concept of sustainability and how important it is to our future and reuse of products. We all need to think about the reuse or recycling processes when we go to throw things away and how that particular product will affect the earth we’re putting back in to.

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