Blog 5

The structures in the TED talk that were made from bamboo were incredible. I like how they pointed out that no two pieces are exactly the same. Every part of it is truly unique and beautiful. I also didn’t know how fast bamboo could be grown. I think it’s an amazing resource and I hope to continue to see more homes being built like it.

There is no denying that plastic waste is a huge issue. It has always bothered me how many plasticware utensils are used and then just tossed out. That is why I was particularly happy to hear about the edible spoons in India. I think it is a wonderful solution to what is normally a very wasteful product. There are more options than I expected to see and people genuinely seem to like the taste. I know a lot of companies only think about what is cost effective and people normally don’t splurge on things if they can help it but in the video they said the spoons could be as cheap as the normal plastic ones. In that case the choice seems pretty obvious to me. I would love to try them out.

There has always been something so calming to me about listening to “the sounds of nature” like ocean waves or a stream of water. I can sit and watch a sunrise and sunset or a camp fire and feel at peace. I didn’t know it until this week but that is what biophilia basically is. Biophilia is essentially the subconscious attraction and love for nature. I never really thought too much into it before.

Of the fourteen patterns, number five, twelve, and fourteen stood out to me the most. They are the presence of water, refuge, and risk/peril. They felt the most relatable to me. It makes me think of fountains in parks, meditation areas like gardens, and observing a particularly dangerous animal behind a glass wall or a cage. Biophilic design is beneficial because it can reduce stress, enhance learning experiences, make people feel safe, etc.

Unfortunately I was home and sick in bed the day we were supposed to meet at the sustainability office. I was looking forward to going but I just couldn’t make it.

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