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The article I read for merchandising “The Impact of In-Store Greenery on Customers” was definitely a really interesting read.  I never realized how much greenery could have an impact on customers shopping in a store. The article basically talked about how having greenery in stores, like plants, could reduce stress in consumers. How is this possible? The authors of this article found that nature itself has a stress reducing potential for human individuals. They also found that people recovered faster and more deeply from stress when they were exposed to a natural/green setting than when they had viewed an urban scene. I completely agree with that because whenever I’m outdoors in greenery settings I always feel more at peace. So I definitely could see how putting greenery in stores would help them feel more calm when they are shopping through a store. I had never thought of that before but that is definitely something I will consider doing to a store I work after college.

The ted talk “Magical houses, made of bamboo” by Elora Hardy was by far my favorite ted talk I’ve ever watched. I want to show it to everyone!  It was so fascinating to me how she designed these beautiful houses just using bamboo. It was interesting to just see and learn how she got these ideas for the houses. I never even knew that bamboo was strong enough (like steel) to support a whole house. Why don’t we use bamboo to build houses here in the U.S? It amazes how she makes every home so unique and nothing like the one before. We need more people like Elora creating sustainable houses for our world.

The edible spoons video was another video that amazed me. I love how India is one step ahead of the game and is already creating biodegradable spoons. Plastic takes up a huge amount of the waste we use in the U.S so I think having biodegradable silverware would help us a lot. I myself am guilty of using plastic silverware all the time. It’s cheap and when you’re in college its an easy solution instead of having to wash metal silverware all the time. But if I were able to use the biodegradable spoons I would use them all the time over plastic. I like how the spoons are actually nutritious for you and that they come in different flavors. Its such unique concept and I could really see it making a difference in our world. Hopefully one day the spoons will come to the United States so we will have the chance to buy them.

Biophilia is known as the love of life or living systems and urge to affiliate with other forms of life. Biophilia Hypothesis states that there is an instinctive bond between humans and living systems.

Three patterns of Biophilic design are Refuge, Dynamic & Diffuse Light, and Prospect. Refuge is a place to withdrawal where the individual is protected from behind and overhead. Dynamic & Diffuse Light is leveraging varying intensities of light and shadow that change over time to create conditions that occur in mature. Prospect is an unimpeded view over a distance for surveillance and planning.

Benefits of Biophilic design in merchandising include, reducing money so no consumer concerns, increasing supplier reliability by demanding visibility from suppliers. Satisfy increasing stakeholder demands (products for conscious consumers), Reducing Risk (reputational risk), Identifying new opportunities (new markets), Ensuring supply resiliency long-term (long-term access to materials)

The sustainability office visit was a very interesting experience. For one, I had no idea that we even had a sustainability office on campus or even a recycling plant. So it was awesome to see that we do have those on campus. The lecture at the sustainability office really helped me to learn even more about sustainability and how OSU gets involved with the topic. I never knew that OSU was rated the greenest University in Oklahoma. That made me really happy to hear because our campus is starting to make a difference with being more sustainable. Hopefully more campuses start to follow our lead. There are so many different ways OSU gets involved with being more sustainable on campus such as the drinking fountains on campus. They allow you to simply just refill the water bottle you were already using instead of going and buying a new one once you drink it all. That is one of my favorite things we have because I feel like a ton of people get a use out of it. I always see people filling up their water bottle and I’m sure most of them don’t even realize they are being sustainable. What stood out to me in the plant visit was that the people that work there take time out of their day to just work there even in not great conditions. The smell and flies would definitely be hard to work with so props to them for doing it. It was cool to see how the cardboard was actually recycled through a machine and then put into big horizontal blocks. Three loads a month are shipped out. The paper is put into a machine that compresses it into a vertical cube. Hopefully they will eventually be able to expand into a bigger building that has air conditioning! Plus, if they had more staff they could get more cubes done faster! Something I learned today that I could incorporate into my life is just to continue to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Those are three things that I definitely need to do more of. I want to make our world the best it can be so as my part I really need to reduce the amount of stuff I buy, Reuse the things I can instead of just throwing them away, and recycle the things that can be recycled instead of just throwing them in the trash.


I am not a skilled drawer at all but in my picture I drew the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle around the world because it is the most important thing we can do. I also drew a stick figure person wearing a superhero cape because its our responsibility to make this change in our environment and we need to be the “superhero” and start making everything more sustainable.

My take away is kind of a repeat of what I learned. Being sustainable and making our world a more eco friendly place is one of the most important things we can do. We need to continue to spread the word and get the word out there on how to be sustainable. We need to continue to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Starting with reducing first and then reuse and recycle. The more we reduce the less we have to reduce and recycle.

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