Eat the Spoons!

While I was going over the readings I felt like I wasn’t really learning anything new per say, but more of just being redundant with subjects we’ve talked about several times.

I enjoyed the TED talk about bamboo. I didn’t realize there was so many versatile uses for bamboo. I mean I knew it was a great alternative for other materials, but I didn’t know it’s strength and just how well in general it was as a building material. I was surprised that the ENTIRE building was made out of bamboo. I also enjoyed the Green school idea in Bali. I thought it was really cool that their counters were also natural being slices of boulders. Bamboo is a very green sustainable resource.

The TED talk about edible spoons was really interesting. After hearing we were going to watch a video on it I was wondering what they would be made out of. They needed to be strong enough to use to eat, but then be edible to eat. How were they going to go about this? They had way more ingredients in the spoons than I would have imagined. I was surprised when everyone said that they liked them and that it even added flavor to their foods. I think it’s a great idea.

From what I’ve picked up in class, Biophilia is the love of life/living systems.

There are 14 patterns of Biophilic design that are split into three categories. The three categories are Nature in Space, Nature Analogues, and Nature of the Space. An example for Nature in Space would possibly be the presence of water, which is simply adding water to a space for the sense to be enhanced that the presence of water is in fact present. An example of Nature Analogues would be Material Connection with Nature. With this type of pattern, materials from elements of nature reflect the local ecology or geology to create a distinct sense of place. An example of the third category would be Prospect. This pattern is an unimpeded view over a distance for surveillance and planning.

I think there are multiple benefits from having biophilic design. There will be less waste, we will be using more resources around us, going green is always better for the environment, etc. Having biophilic design for more buildings will have wonderful benefits not just for us humans, but for that environment and the local wildlife as well.

During the Sustainability Office Visit I felt like I learned more about the campus and their actions to be a more sustainable campus. I didn’t know we were energized by wind power, (which I’m not really surprised at anymore), but I thought that the water found thing was cool. I noticed them in Human Sciences a couple years ago, but I didn’t know there were more on campus and more to come. I think that’s a great idea and encourages the campus life to use reusable water containers instead of having to bring water bottles to campus everyday and then not recycle them

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