Everyday Thinking


In class on Thursday we had a very life changing discussion about the Western values. I have never personally heard of paradigms before and that upsets me How could I go my whole life without hearing about something life this that is impacting our world. I learned that paradigms are collective mental modes made up of our own vales, beliefs, and assumptions. This whole time while I was thinking about our world and what is apart of it I had no idea what I was actually doing. Paradigms are something that we use ALL THE TIME without even knowing it sometimes. This is the way that we personally perceive the world.

Before I was in this class I looked at the world so different. I thought we were just fine. That I was safe in this place I call home. This is not correct. Us humans are taking advantage of our HOME. This reading talked about how it usually goes undetected and not part of conscious which I completely agree. People don’t realize they are doing it. Which makes me wonder “Do we really even care?” This world can someday go away because of how we treated it and we just don’t even care? This makes me really upset to think about. In class we had to decide whether we were on the No or Yes side of the Western Values argument. I decided that I was in the middle. Once we started to discuss about it more I started going more towards the No side of the argument. I though that it was crazy that our paradigms can change by how people explain theirs. How we can be influences so easily and change our opinions like that. Another way that these were brought up is in sustainability. The way our earth lives and the problem’s it has. This is something that may never change if we don’t get up and stop being lazy about it. IF we would actually care about out world and not just ourselves. I believe one day the world can be a more sustained place to live.

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