Oblivious or Aware

My major takeaways this week were, what is mindfulness and paradigms in relation to ourselves and our world. I feel that my mind has been broadened even more learning how simple and helpful it is to be mindful and just meditate. I also realized that each person has their own paradigm and that is what basically forms our reasoning to our actions and could explain why people do what they do. The best way to explain social paradigms is the tip of the iceberg theory, starting with; paradigm, structures, patterns, and events (being the tip of the iceberg). I think that these two major takeaways could help better our community to an extent. I don’t believe we can fix everything, unfortunately there is an underlying problem in every solution. For example, if we decide to find an alternative to drilling for gas, the big question we have to ask ourselves is what will happen if we pick this alternative solution and how long will this solution work until it runs out or destroys our planet. But I do think it is possible to find a solution that could keep us around a little longer it’s just a matter of exploring and staying mindful of the past, present, and future. To me I think this means the world as whole must become mindful and take a closer look at their actions and the effects it is having on others if not themselves. Being more mindful made me more aware of myself but also what is going on around me. Since I have been in Stillwater I have been really bad about continuing yoga, so I was interested to see what this mindfulness experience was going to be like, but it was a lot different than I expected. I personally thought some of the mindful exercises were a little odd mainly because I never meditate like that. But the meditating we did last Tuesday in an odd way did calm me and help me reflect and become more mindful. What really clicked with me out of this week were the opportunities we have to change our actions that are harmful (whether we know it or not) and correct them or inform others of their actions such as littering. That is such a simple act that most people have done or do often, yet it is quickly harming our planet. It might be a slow method of change but at least we are pulling our head out of our butt and look at what is going on during your day around you and how you contribute. 

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