Overwhelmed by Ideas

In class this week we discussed paradigms, the way we view things in the world. To start off class we began with meditation. When I think of meditation, I think of practicing yoga, something I do often. I related the two because both are about finding your center and clearing your mind of outside distractions. Although, meditating came a lot harder for me than I thought it would. I found it difficult to not think about anything, I think its easier for me to do this in yoga because you are constantly moving in different positions, basically distracting yourself from outside thoughts. The positive I took away from meditation was how much it relaxed me and prepared me to push through my day.

As we dug deeper into the topic of paradigms, we talked through the readings we read on mindfulness, sustainability, and western values. Mindfulness means being aware of what is going on around us, even things we do not wish to be true. Research has shown that by being mindful, one can improve their well-being and health related conditions like pain, stress, depression, anxiety and overall satisfaction with life. Mindful meditation can help us reach this happiness and well-being. When I first read through this article, I had a hard time believing that everything in our lives can improve simply through mindful meditation, but once we discussed this theory in class and even practiced meditating, I was able to relate on a better level.

Our second reading for the week was over western values, and if they are compatible with the idea of sustainability. As a class we broke into two groups, yes, if we believed their values are compatible with sustainability, or no, if we believed they are not. I sat more towards the ‘no’ end of the line because I believe the values and patterns of the western communities are already set in stone. Not that I don’t think they could change their ways to become more sustainable, but they are already spoiled by their abundances of resources, and I find it hard to believe they would give up these things they have lived with all their lives.

When we began to discuss the sustainability in our world today and how we are changing/ not changing my head began to spin. I felt very overwhelmed by all the opinions in the class and how different everyone’s ideas and views were. Overall, the topic of how much our world is declining is a scary thing to grasp, as well as all the efforts that are being taken to try to fix the problem. My opinion is that if everyone is able to do their part by conserving resources, recycling, not performing deforestation or endangering the ocean, we could all play a vital part in saving our Earth.

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