Paradigms & Mindfulness

Learning to be mindful is a concept that many are able to achieve. Being mindful or having mindfulness is being able to be aware of what is going on in that particular present moment. During our Mindfulness workshop I learned that it is best to live in the present rather than think about what is going to happen in the future. You see, our minds are made up of paradigms, or an idea or group of ideas that should be done, made, or thought about and sometimes those paradigms overcrowd our minds in which can make us think more about what should happen rather than what is happening now. I confess, before learning about this mindful practice I always focused on the future and what should be done instead of taking the time to breathe and focus on the present moment. I now have realized or noticed many things just by using this mindful practice.

I have noticed that my own paradigms have altered in some ways including the way I see our planet Earth.  Our earths sustainability right now is not so great and a lot of people do not realize what is going on in our world because their paradigms cloud their thoughts in which the idea of creating a sustainable earth is lost. If people would focus more about the present moment and what is happening right now, then the possibility of everyone getting involved to sustain our planet may increase. There paradigms could possibly alter and they could take action on matters that impact our world such as poverty, globalization, consumerism, etc. I’m not saying that this is a definite solution but it is rather a thought that could possibly drive others toward creating a sustainable earth.

The words paradigm and mindfulness have an interrelated meaning that most tend to forget. Before we learned the meaning of these words I had no clue as to what they meant on a deeper level. I now know that everyone has different paradigms and those paradigms may alter if you learn to be mindful. I know I keep saying that it is possible for your paradigms to alter if mindfulness is accepted or learned but it is true and it’s a point I really want to get across because after learning what I now know, I can officially say the way I viewed things then is not the way I view them now.  

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