Sustainability Blog 5

This week we had a reading over in-store greenery. When my learning community met to discuss it we agreed that we find places to be more calming when there is nature-like things present. My dad is a chiropractor and in his office the only natural light present is at the very front of his office. So the rooms in his office are very dark and doesn’t really vibe well. He brought in a bunch of live plants and it really livened up the place and made it a more relaxing environment.

I really enjoyed the TED talk over using bamboo for building material. I never knew that you could make a house out of (for the most part), entirely bamboo. The houses and buildings designs looked really unique and fun. I thought it was really cool how when she was younger she designed a “fairy mushroom” house and her parents built it for her. I also really liked the floors that were made out of bamboo. I didn’t know you could slice bamboo like that and make it look that smooth. I also learned about how fast bamboo grows and that was surprising as well. I never realized before how strong bamboo is, but it is hollow so that caught me off-guard.

The edible spoon video was interesting to watch. I have actually eaten soup before at a little restaurant that offered edible spoons that were made out of a type of bread. The spoon I used probably wouldn’t last as long as the ones we watched in the video. I was surprised that they have the shelf life of three years. I’m not for sure I would like them because I didn’t really like the kind I ate with before, but I think it is a great idea and would cut back on a lot of waste produced from using throw-away eating utensils.

Biophilia to me is the connection between humans and the enviorment and other forms of life. There have been researchers that have been looking into what parts of nature have the most influence on our pleasure and satisfaction with built environment. Biophilic design patterns are not meant to be used exact. They are more of a guide. One type of design pattern is visual connection with nature. This pattern is a nature in the space pattern and is a view to elements of nature along with living systems and natural processes. Another type of pattern is the mystery pattern which is a nature of the space pattern. The promise of more information achieved through partially obscured views or other senory devices that entice the individual to travel deeper into the environment. A third example of a pattern is the material connection with nature. It is a natural analogue pattern. This pattern takes elements from nature that portrays the local environment tor create a distinct sense of place. Benefits of Biophilic design includes the reduce stress, increase creativity, clear our thoughts, enhance our well being, and speed up the healing process.

I enjoyed the visit to the sustainability office. I never realized that Oklahoma State had such a large office dedicated to sustainability so I thought that was really cool. I always used the recycling bins when I lived on campus in a dorm, but I never knew what happened to it once it was collected. I learned that the sustainability office collects it then ships it off to a place in Oklahoma City. Then that company separates it from types of plastic and paper, etc. then bales it up and sells it to another company. There is a lot of people involved in the process of collecting the recyclable material to actual producing a new product. I also learned about how the water bottle refill centers on water fountains on campus got put there. I thought that was really neat how it was a group of student’s idea and it got funded with a grant for sustainability projects. I love how it allows an easy way to sustainable on campus because it is easy to fill up a water bottle because of the design, it provides cold filtered water, and it has a tracker and tells you how many water bottles have not ended up in a landfill because of refilling a bottle. I hope these will get put in every water fountain location on campus, and eventually every water fountain across the United States will have one in the future. What stood out to me during the visit was the furniture refurbishing room. I thought that was really neat how they have people dedicated to taking old and damaged furniture and they are able to create something useable out of it. I also thought it was cool how they have an unused equipment/furniture area that all departments can contribute to and all can take from. I will continue to incorporate recycling in my house. I have been recycling some since I have been at OSU, because of the convenience of throwing my empty water bottles in the water bottle recycling bin outside of my dorm. I have been recycling more and more, now especially since I have an entire recycling bin that gets picked up by the city of Stillwater when they pick up my trash. I will continue to do this because I have seen first hand how material that gets put in those recycling bins actually gets separated and sent out to be used in a sustainable way.

This week I took img_1720away a more creative mind to answering sustainability problems thanks to the ted talk on bamboo and the edible spoon video. I think it has contributed to me thinking more outside of the box.

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