Sustainability in My Community

This week I loved reading about how as an interior designer, I can really affect my clients through lighting. For instance, to calm people I can use a more ambient yellow toned lamp. I also learned how many people in the work place will perform better with more natural light available and green plant sources being around them. The bamboo house that was created was unbelievable! I loved learning about how when they used that resource, they had to think about how the bamboo works, what it repels, what it supports, and the way it stands. These are all important things to think about when using a natural resource to replace a non-sustainable resource. I also loved learning about the edible spoons that are being integrated into India. What a sustainable substitute for real metal forks! The sustainable office visit was very useful to me as a student! I learned so many awesome sustainable places on campus! Especially the new north dining hall that used recycled material and organic food! I would love to incorporate more sustainable products as design options into my career. People don’t chose these options because they are not given them! I took away from the week that the earth really matters, but it starts with your community and you as a whole. How you treat the earth, how you go green, and how you reflect that on others. My sketch refers to my community and how I can take part in sustainability. I love that I for instance, can take the groceries sacks from my home, send them to OSU recycle plant, and that makes them into a reusable material that I or someone else can use again!




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