Sustainability in Nature

Lighting in stores can be an extremely important for many reasons. Depending upon the lighting it can determine if someone buys something based on the color or the atmosphere. The article also talked about the greenery in stores and the effect that it has. If a store is not very crowded and there is greenery added it does not have much effect on weather or not people have a reaction to it. People do not feel more inclined to buy things when a store does not have much merchandise rather than a store that is over crowded. A store that is crowed, has a wide variety of merchandise, and has greenery all throughout the store is shown to be very calming and relaxing for people as they shop. The store that is over crowded and chaotic will be more helpful for shoppers to have something in the store that will make them feel comfortable and calm as they shop.

The houses in Bali that are made completely from bamboo were  very interesting to me. I like that the houses are completely organic and made from materials that can be grown without harming any other parts of nature. I have always liked the look and texture of bamboo, I never thought that it could be made strong enough to build an entire structure out of it. The work that they did in Bali with building a school and a house was incredible. I would like to think that one-day people would see that even though it would be more work than what we do now, it would be more sustainable than the structures that we have now.

There are so many different ways to be sustainable and most of us think that as along as we recycle the plastic that we use then we are doing the right thing in being sustainable. The edible spoon proved that theory wrong. While it is good to be sustainable it would be more sustainable to do away with plastic utensils all together. By using the edible spoon, it can be more sustainable than recycling, and is good for your body as well. The spoon is full of nutrients that we can eat and it also decomposes. There are many different flavors that it can be made in as well.

Biophilia is the bond between humans and other living systems. Frank Lloyd Wright, designed a house that used the natural falling water to create a waterfall out of the bottom of the house. This kind of design is attributed to the visual connection and nature. Another example of biopilic design is the bamboo houses that were made in Bali, these houses have been made to naturally heat and air condition them with the use and placement of the bamboo. Using greenery in stores is said to reduce the stress of people while they are shopping. This type of biophilic is a connection wit natural systems. All of these can have the benefit of giving more positive attitudes for people, lowering heart rates, and improve perceptions.

The trip that we made to the sustainability office was an eye opening experience. I did not realize that OSU had so many outlets of sustainability. One of the things that stood out to me was that OSU refurbishes furniture, I like that they try to reuse furniture that has been other wise broken and not useable. I think that is important for a university that goes through so much wear and tear over the years. It is important for a career in merchandising to consider these sustainable practices in order to achieve the best atmosphere for your customers. Using fixtures that are durable and are easily fixable is important for merchandisers to have because of the wear and tear they go through.

The picture below represents a table that is designed from bamboo. It can be used for merchandising, but is a more sustainable and durable piece of furniture rather than plastic fixtures or metal fixtures. img_1132

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