Sustainability Office Visit

This past week in sustainability has been very insightful. On Tuesday in lecture, we talked about biophilic design. There are 14 different aspects of biophilic design: visual connection with nature, non-visual connection with nature, non-rhythmic sensory stimuli, thermal and airflow variability, presence of water, dynamic and diffuse light, connection with natural systems, biomorphic forms and patterns, material connection with nature, complexity and order, prospect, refuge, mystery, risk/peril.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at first when going to visit the sustainability office. I was very surprised by some of the statistics that were given to us! I was amazed by just how much cardboard our campus goes through just in the 6 weeks we’ve been back in school. The recycling facility seemed to be close to overflowing with all of the cardboard and paper that had been thrown away from our fellow students and faculty. It’s awesome to know that OSU is doing its part in making sure that we reuse and recycle materials when we can and that it’s an available service here in Stillwater. Seeing that OSU has this facility and is trying to be proactive in sustainability practices, it makes me want to start being even more sustainable in my own life. It all begins with us, one step at a time.

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